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Guarding your relatives’ and your health

Cardiomo is the health monitoring device that continuously tracks vitals of your body with the accuracy that doctors trust. We have developed a unique algorithm, which notices any abnormalities in heart’s operation and provides recommendations to take preventative measures. AI technology can predict heart diseases, using the specific model developed together with professional cardiologists.

Do you know early detection can prevent some heart diseases?

Globally, 30% of people die because of cardiovascular diseases, according to recent researches. More than half of those people could be alive, if alerted about early symptoms of CVD. Early signs of heart disorders are hard to interpret correctly without medical education. But Cardiomo resolves that issue. We’ve elaborated up-to-date AI model which can identify health problems with further recommendation to visit a doctor. We stay on the ground of preventive healthcare by thwarting occurrence of diseases. To switch the focus from treating diseases towards tracking first signs of health problems.

Small patch with wide functionality

Cardiomo is a small wearable patch that sticks to your body under heart with adhesive electrodes. All your biometric data is sent to your smartphone for preliminary analysis. After that the data is transferred to the cloud for deep analysis. In the case of cardio dysfunction, a user gets a notification with recommendations of how to prevent unwanted consequences. If the user does not react to the alarm message, it is redirected to his relatives’ phones. So that relatives could help when it’s most needed.

Our four components for accurate disease prevention

Cardiomo Patch


Basic built-in analysis like fall detection

Mobile Application


Detects another level of disorders like breath diseases and arrhythmias

Artificial Intelligence


Deep analysis to find out serious heart abnormalities

Cloud Service


Disease detection and notification sending



Weeks of hard works


Cardiologists in the team


Pre-Orders for Beta-testing


Access to services


High Resolution Biosensor

Cardiomo captures the main vital signs such as: EKG/ECG and heart rate, breathing rate and skin temperature.

Smart Detection

The product can recognize and alert up to 40 diseases including heart attack and stroke.

Cardiomo hi-tech ECG

Comfortable to wear

Cardiomo has a curved and waterproof body convenient for daily usage

Long life battery

Cardiomo’s battery can work up to 10 days without recharging

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