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Can you know that loneliness kill?

Researches found that people who feel lonely have a 29% higher risk of having heart disease and being alone could increase the risk of premature death by 50%. Early symptoms of heart disorders are very hard to decode and interpret correctly without medical education. Its prevention and timely medical assistance can literary save people’s lives and productivity. And there is nothing that could prevent all these issues on the market.

Saves lives of you and your relatives

Cardiomo is the health monitoring device that continuously tracks vital signs with the accuracy that doctors trust. We have developed a unique algorithm, which notices any abnormalities in heart’s operation and provides recommendations regarding preventative measures. AI technology can predict heart diseases, using the specific algorithms.

Small patch with the big functionality

Cardiomo is a small wearable patch that sticks to your body under the heart by adhesive electrodes. All your biometrics data is being sent to your smart phone for preliminary analysis. After that the data is transferred to the cloud for deep analysis. In case of cardio dysfunction, user gets notification with recommendations how to prevent unwanted consequences. In case the user does not react to the alarm message, it is being redirected to his relatives. So that relatives could help when it’s most needed.

Four levels for accuracy diseases' prevention



Analysis of fall detection are in device



Simple breath diseases and arrhythmias

Cloud Service


Diseases detection and sending notifications

Artificial Intelligence


Deep analysis by the mean of AI



Weeks of hard works


Cardiologists in the team


Pre-Orders for Beta-testing


Access to services


High Resolution Biosensor

Cardiomo captures the main vital signs such as: EKG/ECG and heart rate, breathing rate and skin temperature.

High speed low energy BT 4.2

Distinctively simplify superior methodologies before prospective portals. Compellingly disintermediate B2C best practices after standardized portals.

Cardiomo hi-tech ECG

Comfortable to wear

Cardiomo have a curved body with a special heating

Long life battery

Cardiomo have a battery with life up to 10 day

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