Cardiomo device

Consumer device for health monitoring

Cardiomo includes all the benefits of wearable devices, the convenience of fitness and precision of medical ones.


24/7 accurate health monitoring

Non-stop tracking of body’s main vitals helps in early diagnostics of serious health conditions. What is more, we provide the data which doctors trust.

Deadly Diseases Prevention

Received data is being analyzed by Artificial Intelligence, trained to detect different events of arrhythmia or any other CVDs. This can save up to 16 million people annually, according to our predictions.

Health Push-Notifications

Cardiomo sends alert notifications to the user or observers as soon as dangerous problem is detected. It will also advise to make a doctor appointment whenever it’s needed.

The First Consumer Health
Monitoring Ecosystem



  • Heart rate variability
  • Cardio Stress Level
  • Vital Energy Activity
  • Activity Including Steps

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How does it work?








Wearable patch monitors user’s vitals

Mobile App

Received data can be tracked in mobile app

Cloud storage

All the data is sent to secure cloud storage

Artificial Intelligence

Analyzes the data using special algorithms


System of alarm notifications for relatives and care-givers in case of extreme situations

Reasons to believe

Reasons to believe

Acclaimed as disruptive startup in global tech events.

Reasons to believe

Top 10 World’s best startups

Reasons to believe

Credibility Support with MD’s approval

Reasons to believe

More than 1000

Who is it for?

For those who take own health seriously, and those of loved ones

CVD(s) people

People with CVD risk factors

Cardiomo is the best assistant in constant monitoring of health, which means early detection of problems.

Relatives and friends

Elderly relatives and friends

You can be aware of health problems of your loved ones, because Cardiomo is able of notifying the user, his or her relatives and doctors.

Health enthusiasts

Health enthusiasts

Making effort to stay healthy and fit? Let Cardiomo help you to monitor your vitals. You will discover many new things about your own body!

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We expect the arrival of the first batch in November 2017 that is why you can pre-order Cardiomo right now.

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