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Cardiomo is the powerful and easy solution for monitoring heart health in real time. Our non-invasive wearable technology keeps doctors and loved ones in the loop about a patient's heart condition by providing an up to the minute data dashboard and alerts system when unusual behavior is detected.

Actual ECG(EKG) recording that doctors trust

Continuous and convenient health monitoring.

AI to detect early symptoms of heart diseases

Instant notifications for relatives and caregivers

Heart Health Monitoring Ecosystem


  • ECG/Heart Rate Variability
  • Skin Temperature/Respiratory Rate
  • Body Position/Fall Detection
  • Activity/Sleep Quality

Over 1600 pre-orders and counting.

Be on the forefront of wearable health technology.

How does it work?


Wearable patch with sensors for vitals


Data is analyzed by AI Engine to detect CVD symptoms and send alerts


Patient, Relatives and Care Providers are alerted depending on the situation


Mobile App

The end-user app shows consumer friendly information


HIPAA compliant cloud

Why Cardiomo?

Reasons to believe

Smart decision for doctors

event annotations for faster diagnosis

Reasons to believe

Event prediction

detect likely medically actionable events before they occur

Reasons to believe

Battery life

7 days rechargeable battery

Reasons to believe

Preventive care for patient

live cardiac monitoring over longer periods

Reasons to believe

Patch is reusable

single patch can be reused again or by multiple patients

Reasons to believe

Medical Grade

data that is usable by the doctors

Who is it for?

CVD(s) people

People with high CVD risk

The pace of life in today's world is can be very demanding. This has led to significant growth in all types of people facing heart related health risks. Stress, obesity, smoking, alcohol or physical inactivity are quite common. Cardiomo’s continuous monitoring can help detect heart health issues at an early stage.

Relatives and friends

Your family and relatives

Cardiomo’s "observer" functionality leverages the power of TeleHealth to provide real time visibility into the health condition of the elderly or people who find themselves alone for long periods of time. Our platform sends notifications and alerts if urgent help is required.

Health enthusiasts

Health enthusiasts

Cardiomo offers enhanced capabilities to track your vitals — real-time EKG and blood pressure estimation. If you take your fitness or workout seriously, you need to monitor more parameters than just a pulse.

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