Cardiomo device

Be closer to the heart of your loved ones

Know how your dear ones are doing anytime and anywhere by using Cardiomo remote health monitoring technology. You will get timely alerts if their heart condition requires assistance.

Cardiomo device

Actual ECG(EKG) recording that doctors trust

Cardiomo device

Continuous and convenient health monitoring

Cardiomo device

AI to detect early symptoms of heart diseases

Cardiomo device

Instant notifications for relatives and caregivers

Continuous health monitoring

Cardiomo biosensors keep track of consumer vitals 24/7: precise EKG/ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature.

Disease Detection

Cardiomo AI algorithms are trained to detect arrhythmias and other CVDs. They analyze the data from biosensors and spot abnormalities

Alert Notifications

Cardiomo sends alert notifications to the user and observers if AI spots an issue that requires attention. It can also detect falls

Heart Health Monitoring Ecosystem



  • Heart rate variability
  • Cardio Stress Level
  • Vital Energy Activity
  • Motion, including step count

Over 1600 pre-orders and counting.

Be on the forefront of wearable health technology.

How does it work?








Wearable patch monitors user’s vitals

Mobile App

Application receives data for display and basic analysis

Cloud storage

All the data is sent to secure cloud storage

Artificial Intelligence

Analyzes the data using our algorithms


AI sends alerts notifications to relatives and care-givers in case of extreme situations

Reasons to believe

Reasons to believe

Acclaimed as a disruptive startup.

Reasons to believe

Top 10 World’s best startups

Reasons to believe

Collaboration with MDs

Reasons to believe

More than 1600

Who is it for?

CVD(s) people

People with high CVD risk

In modern world this could mean practically everyone. Stress, obesity, smoking, alcohol or physical inactivity are quite common. Cardiomo’s continuous monitoring can help detect heart health issues at early stages.

Relatives and friends

Your family and relatives

Cardiomo’s observer function is a tele-health approach. The elderly, specially single or widowed need care and attention. Nothing can substitute human relation. But Cardiomo could send notifications if they are alone and need urgent help.

Health enthusiasts

Health enthusiasts

Cardiomo offers enhanced capabilities to track your vitals — real-time EKG and blood pressure estimation. If you take your fitness or workout seriously, you need to monitor more parameters than just a pulse.

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